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problem solving

Wish I had the budgets to pay people whatever they wanted when I ask them to play on something I’m recording. For my own projects wish I could get paid what I wish I could get paid. Thinking the problem lies not with economics but with wishing.

my way

Some people believe what you think might manifest itself into physical reality, like the old friend of Blue Rodeo I met on the street recently, who is homeless, and while catching me up on his life explained his current method for studying winning lottery numbers. I wondered about this a long time when I was younger. Could it be possible? My religious brother found it amusing and frightening when I told him one time how I got over it by trying to think an airplane crash while we were in flight. He is in the camp of believing what you think can in fact make physical manifestations, after all he moved to Israel believing there is a God and that God wants Jews to live in Israel in order to return in person – singing My Way I guess. Can you imagine the royalties Paul Anka would get? I do appreciate the fact that since the plane remained air bound it doesn’t make my telepathic impotence conclusive. There may have been other people on the plane simultaneously thinking the plane must remain in the air, nonetheless I doubt it and my thoughts to ruin our lives succeeded, because it failed.
Thoughts effect us, but not outside us. Like maybe your cancer goes away or your difficult relationship changes but thinking someone else ill health goes away, no sir. Even if the Blue Rodeo guy does win the lottery (and I would love it if he does), it would just be a chance happening and not the result of the power of his fantasies. The more you are thinking of something musically the closer you get to it happening. Sometimes really big things, things that strike you as impossible before you apply effort into it. Thinking it over and over gets you there.

only a flesh wound

Once upon a time, Amnesty International had a songwriting contest, I sent in a song with a metaphor about pirates, I lost to Bryan Adams. A few years ago Dan Savage was looking for a theme for his podcast, I wrote one, lost. Sent in a song when Hockey Night In Canada was looking for a new theme, something playful, not anthemic, lost. There is a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where they confront The Black Knight who despite losing each of his limbs won’t give up his essential identity – that he is an impassable guard. Me and The Black Knight, it’s just flesh wounds, brothers from a different mother.