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Sometimes, on the road, when she was telling the same story for the 90th time, to whatever audience was in front of her, this one artist used to also think, this situation has nothing to do with why I started writing music in the first place.

back at bias

Kim chee failure, very sad but even worse, on the same day I dropped the glass blender and now it is unfixable. I love blenders, wish I could get the hard core Vitamix or Blendtek but can’t justify it. Always thought the pro models might be life changing. York subway station up and running now, and very life changing. Watched Triumph Of The Will in my new art class, also life changing. Whole room of students interpreted Leni Riefenstahl differently than me. That’s a lot of differently-than-me’s. I don’t want to fight with them, not yet anyway. So many┬ámusic teachers insist there is only one way to play and they know it and you are not allowed to question their authority. Met a political science teacher, works in Barry, shared similar views about how bias is taught despite people patting themselves on backs for excellence in objectivity.

feel it in my bones

there is a storm coming, feel it in my bones, but that isn’t true. no such thing as angels or various invisibilities, except the forces of nature, like distractions in improvising. still, people sacrifice lives just to prove their point about angels etc.. talk about the joke is on you. I feel it in my bones, just more going wrong. could just as easily go right. who makes warnings about feeling it in their bones when things proceed alright. certain distraction always there in improvising, tuning into it and forgetting about it is the trick (assuming maybe it is a trick). as always, the final word sits in that old book from China: if you don’t change direction you might end up where you are heading.