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New Age

Sensory deprivation was a thing people used to pay for. Floatation tanks. I signed up. Lying in a salt water tank in absolute darkness. Maybe this would be an exploration of consciousness of weightless …sightless ….soundless

As I paid for the session and prepared to go to my chamber the reception person asked if I wanted music. They offered a choice from 5 different New Age records to embellish the sensory deprivation experience.

to      embellish    the      sensory      d e p r i v a t i o n     experience.



sacred music

Certain musicians in the course of their life have awakenings then make music inspired by those ideas. For instance  Robert Fripp and  J G Bennett, George Harrison and Hare Krishna, Meredith Monk or Tina Turner and Buddhism, Bob Dylan and Christianity, Sanatana and Sri Chimnoy.

Before he died a few years ago, Sri Chimnoy came at least 2 times to Toronto and put on free concerts at the Convention  Centre. I bet he spent a lot of money renting the Toronto Convention Centre so a few thousand strangers could listen to flute and harmonium improvisations in exchange for inviting them to consider inner peace. Not a bad deal I thought.

I invited an excellent musician and friend to come with me and he in turn invited another talented musician. Sri Chinmoy spoke about peace, love and then played slow moving pieces, they were simple, childlike and he smiled while he played. The two musicians with me were slowly losing their minds, exploding like Kindergarteners confronted with something they didn’t understand and didn’t know how to behave with, eventually they laughed uncontrollably. I think part of why they lost their cookies was because it made no sense that so many people were showing reverence for this music that sounded simple and didn’t move at a hundred miles an hour.

I thought about the musicians they admired like John Coltrane & Ornette Coleman and if I was betting I would say their heros would have had a different response even interest in what Sri Chinmoy was playing/ doing.




the guidance counsellor’s office

I reviewed your history and would like to call your attention to some facts

  • you start laughing if people take serious things you don’t think serious and
  • you’re don’t mind taking the long way even when there is a short cut and
  • you used to change cigarette brands based on packaging colours and
  • you don’t diligently follow recipes when cooking and
  • you don’t need to freak out if things are a little out of tune and
  • you think it’s ok to play the set list in a random sequence
  • you changed high schools every year

I recommend a career in freely improvised music.

That will be $400 plus HST.

It’s not funny that’s my service please pay your bill. Please stop smirking. Do you think that’s funny? Are you hearing me?