The Stereo Swap Shop (swap shop for short) on Osborne across the street from greatest Winnipeg ice cream, Dutch Made. The Swap Shop allowed you to trade records for other […]

when i hear muzak versions of hits, my ears transfix on how they did it.   when a piano string breaks, i don’t expect to be blamed   when bananas […]

My great uncle, the brother of my grandmother, liked him a lot and he was different. His name was Hi (Chaim), the Hebrew word for life. Many Jews named their […]

Years ago, I watched an interview with Anne Murray and she talked about age discrimination in the music business. As time does it’s thing I see what she meant, the […]

People don’t listen each other waiting more their point heard catch myself over and over so is the other like good playing hear the other like rhythm objectively inside like […]

The idea that so and so is the son or daughter of someone famous doesn’t mean they have any of their that talent it just means their ear lobes might […]

If they are going to discuss whether to sentence a youth as an adult or a youth – calls having rules into question. If they were a youth at the […]

Some musicians try to control every detail, want credit for playing every instrument, deciding every fader level, judging every outside player’s contribution and others are pliable, unfazed to try supplying […]

I played SXSW in 1993 and after that was offered a publishing deal. It was (in theory) worth the average cost of a Toronto house – if everything worked out. […]

Did Bach walk around patting himself on the back for what a genius he was or did he think about the next mad puzzle to engage himself with? Does one […]