Kim chee failure, very sad but even worse, on the same day I dropped the glass blender and now it is unfixable. I love blenders, wish I could get the […]

there is a storm coming, feel it in my bones, but that isn’t true. no such thing as angels or various invisibilities, except the forces of nature, like distractions in […]

Skating with 5 year old who clings to plastic support thing which I am pulling on the ice to help her move forward. Briefly stop the teenage ice patrol for […]

On the back of an album of music by Beethoven, read when the piece was first performed he had to do an encore of it, meaning the whole 40 minute […]

I got her off script for just one moment. Can you please not play the horrible music while I’m on hold? She laughed and said no music? Yes I’m a […]

In the improvising world you work at listening (which changes what passes for thought). The extent to which you continue thinking is proportional to what is accomplished musically. That probably […]

Most of my life I liked knowing that as a man there wouldn’t be a child coming through my body. The idea seemed way too painful. One day a woman […]

My favourite voice in the head is the one that asks the other voices in the head who is talking then who is listening and if I am one guy […]

As above so below. There’s two worlds all the time, the big world and the small world. The world of international stars and the world of local stars. For every […]

Had  a conversation with a musician crushed by an album review. Reminds me of a theatre company in Atlanta where my friend Joe King worked as an actor among many other […]