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Hide My Ass


Earlier in 2015 I noticed if I used the Gmail Telephone the light from my camera would briefly come on. I don’t want someone to have access to looking at me in my underwear online unless I asked them to. So I put a piece of tape across the camera and when I need to use it I take it off.

Similarly I noticed when I click on private browsing (because I like the idea that I’m not recorded) I get prompts informing me that even though my history isn’t tracked on my browser my IP still tracks everywhere I go. I don’t want big brother in my life. Ruins the imaginary freedom I grew up believing I had. I still want that fantasy so I bought Hide My Ass and they ruin the IP tracking.

Feels good.


Helping The Old

Some people don’t like Charles Bukowski, I’m not one of them.


Helping The Old

was standing in line at the bank today

when the old fellow in front of me

dropped his glasses (luckily, within the


and as he bent over

I saw how difficult it was for


and I said, “wait, let me get

them. . . “

but as I picked them up

he dropped his cane

a beautiful, black polished


and I got the glasses back to him

then went for the cane

steadying the old boy

as I handed him his cane.

he didn’t speak,

he just smiled at me.

then he turned

I stood behind him waiting

my turn.


Bow Down To Her On Sunday



I went to Winnipeg a couple months ago to help my mother sift through things she wanted to get rid of, accumulated paraphernalia, she wanted to pair down. Among the things she discarded were paintings and sketches. When I realized this I thought about preserving it since I love a lot of her work but when I got to the room I found she already destroyed much of what she wanted removed; ripped in half.

She also made a pile of work she was keeping many of which I never saw before and they were awesome. I realized she has stuff she’s attached to and stuff she isn’t and so do I. I don’t want anyone to hear songs that I haven’t finished or read lyrics I didn’t like that were in notebooks.

Salt’ n Pepa kind of summed up this point better than me 20 years ago

So I took her pile of ripped up paintings to the garbage dump which leads me to Shostakovich.

Can you imagine?! If you go to his wikipedia-

In 2004, the musicologist Olga Digonskaya discovered a trove of Shostakovich manuscripts at the Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture, Moscow. In a cardboard file were some “300 pages of musical sketches, pieces and scores” in the hand of Shostakovich. “A composer friend bribed Shostakovich’s housemaid to regularly deliver the contents of Shostakovich’s office waste bin to him, instead of taking it to the garbage. Some of those cast-offs eventually found their way into the Glinka. … The Glinka archive ‘contained a huge number of pieces and compositions which were completely unknown or could be traced quite indirectly,’ Digonskaya said.”


Due to a composer “friend”? What an asshole. Let’s take a moment to listen to one of the kings  of string quartets.