If they are going to discuss whether to sentence a youth as an adult or a youth – calls having rules into question. If they were a youth at the […]

Some musicians try to control every detail, want credit for playing every instrument, deciding every fader level, judging every outside player’s contribution and others are pliable, unfazed to try supplying […]

I played SXSW in 1993 and after that was offered a publishing deal. It was (in theory) worth the average cost of a Toronto house – if everything worked out. […]

Did Bach walk around patting himself on the back for what a genius he was or did he think about the next mad puzzle to engage himself with? Does one […]

There is a tempo to everything and you play with it, in time or not.  When I’m out of time with someone or something it is obvious, no different with music.

Overheard students discussing a speech about coalition building by Bernice Johnson Reagon (of Sweet Honey in the Rock). On the value of risking the involvement of people you do not […]

There was a woman who lived in a neighbourhood where there was a lot of prejudice and corruption. She learned to play guitar and started writing songs about what was […]

Sometimes, on the road, when she was telling the same story for the 90th time, to whatever audience was in front of her, this one artist used to also think, […]

Kim chee failure, very sad but even worse, on the same day I dropped the glass blender and now it is unfixable. I love blenders, wish I could get the […]

there is a storm coming, feel it in my bones, but that isn’t true. no such thing as angels or various invisibilities, except the forces of nature, like distractions in […]