There is a movie I like so much, seen it 5 times. Made in the mid 60s called La Decima Vittima. About us, in the 21rst century, and the state […]

I really did it, best tomato sauce ever. The real test is if I can repeat this or it was just a fluke. Guy who was suppose to vacuum out […]

It is like playing music disrupts the thinking of ordinary thinking. Just like any new activity would. If you balance a ping pong ball in one hand while walking down […]

Musicians know something about brains. They know if they repeat something a whack of times, then go away, then try again, at some point the thing works on its own. […]

Cheamer managed one artist, Reg Wood, who as a teenager emanated Lenny Breau or at least he could do The Claw the way Lenny Breau recorded it. I would be […]

The Stereo Swap Shop (swap shop for short) on Osborne across the street from greatest Winnipeg ice cream, Dutch Made. The Swap Shop allowed you to trade records for other […]

when i hear muzak versions of hits, my ears transfix on how they did it.   when a piano string breaks, i don’t expect to be blamed   when bananas […]

My great uncle, the brother of my grandmother, liked him a lot and he was different. His name was Hi (Chaim), the Hebrew word for life. Many Jews named their […]

Years ago, I watched an interview with Anne Murray and she talked about age discrimination in the music business. As time does it’s thing I see what she meant, the […]