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music teaching sale

You know I teach piano and songwriting right? Skype lessons too if you live in Finland. Save more than 99 cents on my Xmas sale. Growing up I heard that my grandfather taught my uncle how to swim by throwing him into the water. That isn’t too unlike how my own teaching work feels. Buy 5 or 10 lessons packages for that special person who needs a teacher ready to engage in variations of sink or swim.

who would serpico be?

>Bob I liked a letter you posted and have a question too.
>How do I get a song that is a hit to the right people? LOve
>all the posts by the way.
I’m reminded of a young person I am producing who marveled to me how incredible it is that Sia has written so many hits. I told them that part of Sia’s success is exploiting the powerful & privilege of her current situation or to put it another way if you are on the inside – then you are on the inside. Very different rules than the outside.
Me? Never got a song to someone I thought might like it but I’ve tried. Just warning you asking me this question is like asking me how to do a handstand, can’t prove anything, just my instincts (first use the wall).
I think trying to approach someone who you think right for your song is a good idea even if they seem impenetrable. Most big shots when googled will turn up managers, agents, labels all of whom have mailing addresses. All of whom might not write you back but at least they supply mailing addresses. It helps to address a letter to the person you are seeking and add “care of” the secondary person, also add “personal”. If for example I was trying to send it to Beyonce I might address it to her and add “Care of Parkwood Entertainment” (3 seconds of googling reveals) and somewhere else very visibly include “personal”.
My friend Mendelson Joe is a painter/ musician and his excitement for music he loves is uncontained. He writes people and his style stands out, there’s paint on the envelope and it probably says “personal” on big colourful letters. Bobby McFerrin called him on the telephone because he loved the letter Joe sent him care of his record company. At that time Bobby McFerrin was huge so it was a wee bit interesting that Joe gt through but then again maybe not. He also wrote Frank Serpico and Serpico wrote him back in fact I think Serpico met up with Joe in Toronto as a result. In fact Al Pacino invited Serpico to stay with him at a house that Pacino had rented in Montauk, NY. When Pacino asked why he had stepped forward, Serpico replied, “Well, Al, I don’t know. I guess I would have to say it would be because… if I didn’t, who would I be when I listened to a piece of music?”

angry bob

Asked the stranger sitting near me to watch my computer when I went downstairs to pee, she said of course. Later steeled myself returning the corner that maybe I will find her gone along with my computer. Similarly when my little girl hugs me for no reason, imagine a future version that screams she hates me because I bought the wrong sandwich. In recent weeks construction happening at many subway stations. Retrofitted for cards vs. tokens and the ticket collectors bored, distracted often taking smoke breaks. People could just walk right by and if they play it confidently enter free. Some of these growlers testing that theory bear a striking resemblance to me. NFB you rule. Became angry Bob while watching Angry Inuk. The Friday student is making a record though her generation does not buy records. I don’t mind, I trained for this. The new Tranzac manager hears me recording/ fixing/ repeating phrases a million times. Fine tuning small aspects or pitch or timing or harmony. As a result he sings back through the walls new nonsensical lyrics, turns “no jumping off this train” into “no gerbils on this train”. I’m liking that version a lot. Yesterday realized currently without callused fingertips, better make time to scrape them on sandpaper or else be accordion guy for my upcoming show.