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A friend who studied states of consciousness said “It’s amazing when you play piano that your attention is divided.”

“What’s the big deal about that?” I didn’t understand.

He clarified “You do more than one thing at once so your mind is in more than one place simultaneously.”

So what about people driving a car I thought? I think about this a lot. You can drive and not think about it and you can play music on auto pilot too. I admire the opposite very much. Driving and thinking about what you’re doing, playing music and being present for each note


at least trying to.


no wine before it’s time

Among the people I teach there’s always some who think one or two lessons and they will have it down.
Got storage locker while doing some cleaning up, reorganizing. Thought we might use it for 2 or 3 months, just got rid of it the other day, 4 years later.


a certain saught after bluegrass banjo aficionado
often gave interior dialogue advice
said people talk about what they don’t do right
what they wish they had done
if they paid attention they would see it wasn’t limited to studying music
how they wish to change their bodies
or their emotions
or their parenting
or their savings blah dee dee blah blah
said the mind plays tricks on you like living with a horrible radio station on in the corner and can’t turn it off – trick is to ignore the station and do your work don’t get hung up on stopping something that won’t stop, like having tinnitus, learn to fuggedaboutit.
I never played the banjo so I don’t know.