People sometimes don’t speak English well and certain people think the way to respond to that is to speak English back louder! Even more distressing when the fluent English speaker […]

Sometimes students describe a state of almost getting it and frustration surrounding them as though there’s a missing piece of information hindering their accomplishment. But what’s not as simple to […]

Whenever actually get uninterrupted sleep I feel like I did whatever people hope to accomplish from pilates. . When I pitch another podcast I’ll resume my rejection-letter-wallpaper art project. . […]

Rejection letter came today, so it goes. Project Title (maximum 15 words) 10 String Quartets and An Accordion Walk Into a Bar TOTAL AMOUNT you are requesting from the OAC […]

I don’t care if my kid plays music or not but I want to make it easy to grab it if she so desires. I play in front of her […]

1998, on an airplane flying to the Edmonton Folk Festival. Kate and Anna McGarrigle were seated near me. Couldn’t help it, went over to tell Anna how much I liked […]

The mainstream absorbs revolutionary ideas then sells them back as non-threatening. Can you imagine punk rockers in the 70s with fuchsia mohawks and ripped jeans? If you weren’t there it […]

Freud: Can you teach me how to play Bohemian Rhapsody?   Wiseman: Probably   Freud: How will you do it?   Wiseman: We’ll do small parts then incrementally you’ll know […]

When someone hires me to play on their music, try my best, follow my instincts and check whether they feel it hit the mark. If they’re happy, end of story. […]

People wanting piano lessons.   See how the black notes are grouped into threes and twos.   Reach/ press those groupings up and down octaves, whatever speed you can.   […]