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Sometimes I can get my left hand to solo and my right hand to accompany. It wouldn’t be accurate to say it’s just a reversal of the usual relationship. When it’s really happening it’s like Star Trek, I’m experiencing teleportation.

i believe when i fall in love it will be forever

When the records were on Warner Music Canada, I took a chance that the association of corporate might could be permission to dream. Went to the CNIB asked if they could produce a letter into Braille and sent it to Stevie Wonder; would he consider producing me. Never heard back. Who knows if he ever got it and why should he give a shit but I still like my line of thought, follow my instincts and don’t cry about whether it’s possible.

At the same time I like to tell students the music business is like a building with a hole in the front door that 10 million people are trying to squeeze into and the other side is standing room only. But if you must you must, nothing wrong with that.

Michelle McAdorey once said something complimentary to me along the lines of hoping I don’t get jaded. Little did she know I was already so jaded that I proceed with my dreams anyway.




A friend who studied states of consciousness said “It’s amazing when you play piano that your attention is divided.”

“What’s the big deal about that?” I didn’t understand.

He clarified “You do more than one thing at once so your mind is in more than one place simultaneously.”

So what about people driving a car I thought? I think about this a lot. You can drive and not think about it and you can play music on auto pilot too. I admire the opposite very much. Driving and thinking about what you’re doing, playing music and being present for each note


at least trying to.