For a certain type of musician whatever they can do isn’t good enough. New people to piano have difficulty playing hands together. One forgets how real a complication that is […]

  “I think it could have been recorded differently” says Engineer “This grant is just to get money to record it properly right?” says Composer #1 “But even for a […]

student: here’s my cd.    instructor: thanks but maybe you should give it to someone else.   student: won’t you take it?   instructor: you can leave it but no […]

piano student: how do you make a B part? me: you just do something else but vary it from the A part. piano student: how do you do that? me: […]

Piano Lessons: Slowing down

Sometimes when learning something new one reaches a saturation point. People just have to slow down, “do it at the speed you actually can do it without mistakes”, said the […]

End of The Year Music Lessons Sale

Sign up this month 2 lessons free! (save over $100) I’ll tell you about some of the people I’m currently teaching. There’s 2 classical musicians who want to improvise, there’s […]

About Those Piano Lessons

Some people have a talent for driving fast cars some for cooking – me I can show people how to write music, not necessarily brilliant music but good enough to remedy certain […]


My piano lessons, as you may have guessed are a bit different. I’ve been making my living producing, performing and scoring for a long time and since recently becoming a dad […]