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Whenever actually get uninterrupted sleep I feel like I did whatever people hope to accomplish from pilates.
When I pitch another podcast I’ll resume my rejection-letter-wallpaper art project.
When the interview started I was relieved the numbers were advancing, previously screwed up recording, my imaginary reputation ruined.
When the mother of the boy my daughter ambush hugs said they were going for ice cream I thought she meant across the street but 30 minutes later at the library I noticed them eating ice cream across the street and avoided eye contact so it was clear I wasn’t following them.
When the body shop guy said at least $2000 I know then it’s actually $500 tops.
When listening to the lecture about what the mind can’t do, I couldn’t.
When giving lessons via Skype feels like starring in a tv series.
When sitting down at the piano, start a variation on a theme and regularly end up somewhere new and exciting all the while trying to keep a little piece of attention on remembering how I get there.
When I think one part of me is completely committed to playing and another part of me is trying to remember how this piece developed I realize I am more than one thing calling myself “I” but then I realize I am I – how can I be more than one of me?

Rejection letter

Rejection letter came today, so it goes.

Project Title (maximum 15 words)

10 String Quartets and An Accordion Walk Into a Bar

TOTAL AMOUNT you are requesting from the OAC


Tell us about your (or your group’s) overall artistic work, history and achievements. What is important to you in your work (cultural influences, your identity, geography, community, language, etc.) and why? If you identify with one or more of OAC’s priority groups, or if your ad hoc group/collective or organization is mandated to serve one or more of OAC’s priority groups, you may choose to refer to this here. (Maximum 300 words)

My overall artistic work is lengthy the details better understood by reviewing my Wikipedia [] but pertaining to here and now my capacity to realize classical compositions has not yet been achieved with real people only with sampled instruments. I’ve won Junos, Geminis and Lifetime achievement awards but the greater reward would be realizing the work and this body of compositions feels like a novel I’ve spent a lifetime trying to finish and publish. What’s important to me in my work is authenticity and blending modern with old – dissonant with melodic and the age old question why is something considered beautiful that someone else considers ugly?

What are you planning to do, and what do you want to achieve with this project? (Maximum 425 words)

I want to rehearse and record these 10 pieces with the 4 members of the MSQ and later invite film colleagues to create cinematic interpretations before organizing a national tour. Through this we would achieve making a powerful performance of sight and sound that inspires awe as well as musical appreciation. In theory each piece ranges between 3 to 9 minutes – the durations might change in rehearsal.

HOW will this project contribute to your development? (maximum 200 words)

These pieces are done with a computer utilizing samples but ultimately that’s artificial. Many hopeful composers are impeded from realizing their goals due to economic realities and nothing can facilitate achieving the real target like real people, real rehearsal and real performance.

silence her

I don’t care if my kid plays music or not but I want to make it easy to grab it if she so desires. I play in front of her and invite her to play with me, to jam in any fashion. The closest I come to outright manipulation is playing Moana or Frozen or Twinkle Twinkle on the piano and offering to show her how. What little person can pass that up?
But once the work of remembering the difference between pitches starts she soon finds it boring and gets the new idea to ride her bike, fair enough. Maybe I can teach her piano someday, for now I’m ok with the only other thing we’ve accomplished – knowing the difference between an ordinary fart and a silencer, (insert Maui voice) your welcome.