Attended a training day for the university where I’ll be teaching a course on songwriting this fall. About 40 new teachers invited to this training session from kinesiology to to […]

I say why add the rebar to the concrete, it’ll set anyway, right? They say no. You need something for the cement to grip, they lose me. I don’t understand. […]

In a circle with 11 year olds going round stating each one’s name and favourite song, unsurprisingly I hear them say Old Town Road, Bohemian Rhapsody, Baby Shark and then […]

More time planning songwriting course for this fall at UWO. I know from past experiences, my love of song won’t be as infectious with currently popular will be. So we’ll […]

Zen story about a monk in the 9th century that came upon a piano in the forest and wrote a song about the fact that everything is actually either physical […]

Something that always bugged her was how many students never practice until one day it hit her, this is exactly her relationship with her own consciousness. She implores her mind, […]

a journalist asked a musician what’s more fun performing or touring and the musician replied it’s a good thing you didn’t ask what’s worse.  then they journalist asked what’s worse […]

The business of school often feels like a game and I try to learn the rules but no simple playbook. The nice thing about being solo is you make your […]

watched a tutorial on how to draw. so mysterious, why i cannot as well as i want. in the tutorial they reduced parts into geometric shapes. very similar to people […]

Early days in Toronto wishing there was a way to be a performing musician, prior to finding open stages which nurtured all that, I would drool over the places where […]