There is a sign I noticed driving into London today, a sign for a head shop – the title of the store actually. Large posters of royalty in the windows, […]

student for whom english is not their 1rst language, worried about whether she makes sense, wants my help checking her lyrics. how can anyone improve upon gold like this. He […]

Sometimes new students asked her if she could just show them her secrets, like how does she play that passage or how does she make that technique work. It automatically […]

Marking assignments. There is a distance between good writing and not so good writing. Probably I should mark the good writing higher than the not so good writing. Probably the […]

I have many dead friends on Facebook. Sometimes I look at their old profiles now cluttered with advertisements for sun glasses and vacation getaways. We had a discussion in class […]

young guy in class played a song to everyone. they applauded and 3 others shared their feedback which was how much he sounded like someone else. this was meant as […]

set list is nice, safe, structure, but often different than the way it was in imagination. actually it never ever goes the way it goes in the imagination. preparing for […]

There is a harp in Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. It came on the radio while I was driving. Probably heard it a few million times yet only last 2 […]

There are 8 reflection papers in the course, 400 words but students can also submit songs about the assignment instead of written papers if they choose. #1 is reading the […]

Some of the books we’re looking at in the songwriting course include Bob Snider On Songwriting, John Sobol You Are Your Media & Kodwu Eshun More Brilliant Than The Sun. […]