Started watching a murder mystery. When the first murder happens there’s tons of weird psycho music surrounding the scene. I hate that, would be more frightening to me to see […]

there is a little girl i teach once a week and it is very interesting that if i show her something that requires three fingers she will start the sequence […]

I misread my calendar and went to the physiotherapy appointment a day early. They couldn’t find my appointment, then they realized I absolutely am at fault because Gus, the therapist, […]

In our first lesson, after I showed him a couple pieces to improvise with, he asked me if there was a trick to coordinating both hands or if you just […]

I hear kids pleading to their parents “is that really true?” “Tell me honestly!” There are so many lies. Driving in a big city, people con each other all the […]

Last night, story on the radio that scientists were advancing the nuclear clock to 90 seconds before midnight. A horrible story about a horrible possibility about horrible people in positions […]

When you see people who are identified with a minority, accept a position with a corrupt association, it might break your heart because the association gains credibility by having the […]

when mark hundevad said he’s playing tomorrow around the corner from where i live – with juini booth, who i didn’t know of, but who has played with tony williams, […]

applying to do more university training and i find myself trying to quote foucault and a whack of other people i read these last two years. the system works in […]

Marking final papers, final songs. One student surprised me with how brilliant was their song and essay. Started by imitating something then realized it could be more unique by doing […]