When you see people who are identified with a minority, accept a position with a corrupt association, it might break your heart because the association gains credibility by having the […]

when mark hundevad said he’s playing tomorrow around the corner from where i live – with juini booth, who i didn’t know of, but who has played with tony williams, […]

applying to do more university training and i find myself trying to quote foucault and a whack of other people i read these last two years. the system works in […]

Marking final papers, final songs. One student surprised me with how brilliant was their song and essay. Started by imitating something then realized it could be more unique by doing […]

most people who call me for lessons go for the buy five at once deal, because there is a discount. new student, hard to figure out whether i am of […]

Of the submissions from the “write a bad song” assignment, most did creative interesting things. Some even said they learned something. One woman transformed an old curse from an exboyfriend […]

working on my final paper for my masters. the hardest part is trying to fit in with the language of academia which is not the language i speak nor the […]

Sometimes you can listen to the sounds of everything all around you as if it is a song. Sometimes you could also hear yourself, the speaking to yourself about yourself, […]

when i’ve taught in toronto i could ask accomplished friends to come do Q&A with the students but not so easy now being based in London Ontario. insert light bulb. […]