She frequently asks me for stories about when I was little. One time I told her about the cracks along the cement path between the street and front door of […]

Heard about a guitarist who played through a distortion pedal and thought his playing though the pedal was the cause of the distortion but Bob Moog’s wife’s 3rd cousin said it […]

I was at an event where a teacher was given an award for being a favourite teacher based upon student reviews. Seemed a little suspicious, the best lessons I learned […]

mrs. zipursky: your paper is late. student: i know but haven’t you ever played with musicians that kept everyone waiting but we’re great musicians? mrs. zipursky: i have but they […]

Recently at the Y a couple with 5 yr. old daughter loses their patience. They supply guilt trips when her shoes aren’t on right, “You see Charlene what happens? Doesn’t […]

student: I’m leaving the program, came to say goodbye.   teacher: Leaving? But there’s only three months left.   student: I need to do something else.   teacher: What are […]

musician: You mean when I signed this contract I gave them the right to use any of the music I wrote for any future project without paying me anything?   […]

When I first heard about click tracks I immediately thought it was a contest between people and machines and just as quickly I chose people – any drummer I admired […]