Recently at the Y a couple with 5 yr. old daughter loses their patience. They supply guilt trips when her shoes aren’t on right, “You see Charlene what happens? Doesn’t […]

student: I’m leaving the program, came to say goodbye.   teacher: Leaving? But there’s only three months left.   student: I need to do something else.   teacher: What are […]

musician: You mean when I signed this contract I gave them the right to use any of the music I wrote for any future project without paying me anything?   […]

When I first heard about click tracks I immediately thought it was a contest between people and machines and just as quickly I chose people – any drummer I admired […]

Sometimes when cooking rice I heat the pot first without any water in it, I like how the first drips of water I eventually add instantly become steam. I use […]

Boris said to his piano teacher, Mrs. Schneider   Why is it you never say anything nice about my playing?   Mrs. Schneider replied, because the part of you that […]

I have a friend at the open stage who complained about a Warren Zevon song called Keep Me In Your Heart. She said it sounded so sappy. I told her […]

Marx professor goes on and on about how many amazing insights and topics Marx wrote about, says it’s endless. Feel like that about Logic music software even though we’ve been […]