Monthly Archives: March 2006

Mindless Roadspeak

nolaAt Rime Wednesday and Thursday. The first night with Leah and the second with Fond of Tigers. Tom of old Toronto days was there as was Nola and Jason’s friends and a woman who knew many Winnipegers from my own past plus Mr. Cadell who thought my photocopy of my album cover, which made it appear like crosshairs, was intentional and possibly smart. So disappointed to admit none of that was actually going on. Ida & Dave of the Buttless Chaps were there too.

Stayed at Nola and Jason’s. email down the street where the woman asked me the first day if I was alright and then told me to take it easy. wtf? The Nola and Jasons’, the Matt Suhars, the Jame Elders they are the enablers.

That play Leah and I went to on March 30th was good. The first one about a reality tv show, the woman next to me, her name possibly Camille(?) was so good. ├ůs was the girl that played the tech person who had a kniption in the middle of it all.


who would expect to find these israeli’s here in nanaimo? the guy who owns the thursday camel and the woman with him who is getting her pilot’s license. i think she was not the least bit interested in talking about israeli politics etc. though he was actually very interested in 911 conspiracy theories. perhaps he has an unknown slant on it all more importantly he had very good tahini and showed me how to cook eggplant without drenching it in oil. now if only there was a crowd at that show.