Monthly Archives: April 2011

Margaret Atwood & Some Guy

This was like meeting Bob Dylan or Fellini. A great honour to improvise behind her poem about natural catastrophes. Proud of not going on and on to her about how I cried at the end of the “Blind Assassin” & “Alias Grace”,  about wondering who Zenia really was based on from “The Robber Bride” or for thanking her for the vivid portrayal of the cruel future (and present) machinery of faceless animal farming etc. in “Oryx and Crake”. I watched other people gush and sensed it better to just be quiet and play the piano and not unnecessarily distract her excellent poem.


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Molly Johnson

finally got to rehearse “god bless the child” with molly who met me at the tranzac and had never been inside before. tales of two boys and a small dog floated round our exchange before getting down to business and i think it’s a good situation though i am out of my element being primarily a free improviser not a jazz pianist. but everyone else seems to think i am in fact a jazz pianist. lets see if i can keep up the charade long enough that nobody gets humiliated who might look exactly like me.

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