Monthly Archives: February 2012

How Do You Eat On The Road?

all those people in many interviews who need to ask how can you eat on the road when you are vegetarian, vegan, raw…it’s easy. i buy stuff. and when i get a groovy hotel room it’s even easier. from left to right salt, maple syrup, miso, oat bran, almond milk, coconut milk, sprouts on top of coconut milk, natural cola, tahini apple cider dressing, olives, bag of kale chips, can of beans, dehydrated papaya, apples, lettuce, avocados, oranges, dates

Pizza Lethbridge

the slice. the only pizza place i play in canada but gotta feel grateful to jesse and tyler that they make it happen. amazing to see tyler’s basil plantation in the back of their kitchen. hope to do this myself in toronto. the name of the game is having many places to play in this crazy enormous country.