Astronaughts currently in space were repairing equipment last week as if was an oil change. Being in space more and more ordinary the way ships once were a radical spectacle […]

Imagine 15 years ago if it was indicated that in the future people would have plastic cards to access their bank account to pay for groceries or movies (cash anything) […]

Two Men of Courage Mandela and Vanunu by MAIREAD MAGUIRE Last week the World’s political leaders stood united in admiration at the Memorial service in South Africa to honour the […]

The River at Fat Alberts

Fat Alberts Coffee House open stage doesn’t have much money but a least they have an X-Ray machine which we selected to use for taking this photo of Meg Tennant […]

Who Killed Phillip?

Who Killed Phillip? Is about my friend Phil Bearshirt. I wrote it in 1991 after he died. -Kathleen Yearwood Sometimes, rarely, art and politics get married and it’s perfect. Nobody […]