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Good Shit

Thank you internet. I try to reach out to people, famous people, with whom I might work with but prior to our interwebness-world I was unlikely to get further than  return to sender. But now I have to thank you internet for alone late at night sitting naked in from of my computer I can simultaneously fart and track down various other artists I admire or agents and promoters with whom I can offer my film reel  click here to see or latest music click here to hear and more shit happens. good shit.

Doug and Mel and me and Cindy and Stephen

Since Doug Christie died Monday, some folks have sent me email versions of a salute – “Yay Doug Christie died” sorta thing. It’s because in 1993 I wrote a  song about his answering machine (click here to hear it) – the raison d’etre of the song was to embarrass Doug Christie for being a champion of unique defendants – very very very unique defendants. People that advocate for white supremacy or people that teach youth that there was no holocaust or people that vandalize organizations that try to counter homophobia.  If his line of thought was that people should be able to say anything, hell then I should be able to say anything about him including that I thought he was an apologist for hate criminals. Case closed. Over the years I wondered to what extent he was sincerely a guy all about free speech or just a committed fan of the lethal weapon sequels who did all he could to reassure Mel Gibson click here in his hour of need.

Somehow this all makes me think of  the litigious prime minister of Canada making it policy to sue scientists if they speak critically of federal policy Isn’t that a hate crime?I liked when the Americans were all fucked up about 2 live crew’s me so horny . At the time Rolling Stone asked various artists to weigh in on the discussion of freedom of speech and censorship Cindy Wilson of the B52s put it best when she said she believed in freedom of speech and sometimes it means the freedom to be very very stupid.