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What Blake Said

Two years ago I attended the One Yellow Rabbit summer lab intensive. My good fortune to study theatre making (story, choreography, set design) with a whack of whacked out starry eyed artists in their early 20’s plus 3 older freaks like me with whom I could compare mortgage rates and chest pains.

Wish I understood some secrets of theatre.

I wish I could rewind the tape and see how ideas start and come together. I attended the summer lab with the hope I might get insights.

On the first day Blake Brooker told everyone that he loves deadlines. Deadlines force things to move on, get done, manifest decisions, commitments crystallize… something like that. What total bullshit I thought. I don’t care about deadlines and I’ve made a lot of records, made a lot of soundtracks, produced a  lot of other people.  This was no golden nugget to demystify theatre, shit.

But as time passed I think I was wrong. I started to realize that theatre people have the same relationship with finishing things as I do with finishing records or soundtracks. Blake’s musings about deadlines were just that they were a useful aspect of the structure of doing the work. Right. I can finish what I start, whether it is good is another question.

This was no small awakening. Kind of a reminder to simply make the work and not get too heady about judging it, at first anyway.

The next day he spoke about putting ideas on a bulletin board, gathering different ideas in one place, stare at it, think about it…Denise who is the actual grand poobah of the summer lab intensive also spoke about adding ideas to a central place and let those ideas percolate. Doesn’t really sound profound does it? But it was to me and so was their confidence. So the secret to theatre was that you think about it and then make something. Ah Ha! Blake was like whatever, we’ll finish it, we have a deadline.


On 2013-05-17, at 3:04 PM,

Hi Bobby,
I hope this email finds you doing well. I am pretty sure you don’t remember me I was a promo rep for London and Toronto during your Warner days. I got your email address from Starfish and  I just wanted to let you know that we are in the process of making our domestic out of print catalogue available digitally in Canada for the first time and in some cases worldwide. I just wanted to let you know that these 2 releases (City of Wood & Presented by Lake Michigan Soda) are part of our phase 1 and will be released around Canada Day this year.

Best Regards,

Warner Music Canada

Sent: Friday, May 17, 2013 9:39 PM

To: Ken
Subject: Re: City of Wood & Presented by Lake Michigan Soda

Hi Ken, I remember you but not your face (yet) – congratulations for keeping your job so long.

I appreciate your email but it is also confusing because the ownership reverted back to me long ago on those records. I believe the language in the original contracts indicated after 7 years they reverted back to me…. isn’t what you are proposing complicated since I have subsequently released the records myself and do my own digital business? But sure I would be excited to understand what you mean exactly and how I might consider utilizing your capable marketing skills.

carpe diem

On 2013-05-21, at 4:54 PM,

Hi Bobby,
Thanx for getting back to me. I spoke with BA and they were looking at a different contract, and you are correct. I apologize for the confusion and will remove them from the schedule.


On 2013-05-21, at 6:16 PM,

No sweat. Who/what is BA? Business affairs? Bogus advancements? Blue artists? If you are you still located still  in London come say hi June 1rst when I play the APK.


They would probably expect 50% of a digital sale. What sort of advertising would they do for that? Did they sufficiently advertise my works when I was with them (uh uh). Would this make it easy to add income without doing anything (uh huh). I guess it’s not suspicious after I point out they have no rights to the records but I would be open to considering it if they explained what they would do to advertise it (what they would spend)….that they realize they made an error.

How can I be so cynical? Next thing I’m going to say Stephen Harper is a sociopath who doesn’t give a shit about creating pain and hardship vs. advancing corporate profits for the companies who have invested the most in his party.

Sam Larkin’s Song


On my record Giulietta Masina At The Oscars Crying I cover the song Children At Play by Sam Larkin (famous for his love of  blending steel workers).

It is listed on the vinyl copies and it is listed when people try to buy it digitally from Bandcamp or Zunior but it was not written on the cds!

I am printing new ones with the proper accreditation (and making stickers to add to the old ones).

Thought I covered everything – it goes to prove all I want in life is staff. I know exactly what jobs I would delegate if I had them and then I would focus on being only musician Bob. Maybe one day….