Monthly Archives: September 2013

Toggle Bolts 0 Wiseman 1

I ask hardware store guy what is best for strength screwing into drywall. He says toggle bolts. I look ’em over. They scare me because one has to drill a larger hole than the diameter of the screw but I grasp the logic of threading the butterfly mechanism that presses against the drywall vs. ordinary plastic plugs which expand in place.¬† So I buy them, get a level, drill and various bits.

I drilled holes. All looked good then I inserted the toggle bolts. Damn things didn’t seem to tighten up. In fact they came back out after I got frustrated and pulled on the milk crate I was trying to permanently cantilever. I was surprised they came out so perfectly and thought myself lucky to get them but at the same time still need to figure out what a real carpenter would do different if anything? Considered returning to the hardware store but i could imagine none of it would make sense to the guys there.

Then I realized I had screwed the bolts through the butterfly part backwards. Or at least I considered that it could be backwards, sure enough it worked. I am an amazing carpenter.

Apple Pie And Ice Cream Do You Treat Your Mama Mean?

Jackie Lomax died. Does Tricia Olson know? She played me his music in her green stucco Furby street apartment sometime before the 70s ended. I had all the Beatles solo records and knew some of their offshoot pals like Harry Nilsson, Badfinger even Klaus Voormann but I never heard of Jackie Lomax – and he was on Apple and George Harrison produced his soulman debut¬† “Is This What You Want?”

Over the years I heard he became a Los Angeles musician and I don’t think his life was so easy. I had the fantasy that if I was a little more successful and rich, I would seek him out and if by luck I persuaded him to trust my arrangements and enthusiasm I would offer to produce an album and bring him to Toronto. One more fantasy I can check off my to do list. If you never heard him listen here