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Textbook Goebells: Conservative Communications Director

No suitable words for this piece of modern day Orwell which is the norm here in the great tar-sand-stained north since Harper got the big chair. The conservatives try to sue the people who would hold them accountable for robocalls and after losing the judge’s decision –  they claim instead that they won.

Their communication director Cory Hann sent out press releases contrary to the Judge’s opinion because if you repeat lies over and over people absorb it. Propaganda 101?



Never heard of this film but feeling bored of current and the new arrivals started searching other sections. Found this with Yul Brynner and Marlon Brando in the first row of classics. Brilliant script, like a Cohn Brothers film (at least the set up) but best surprise it’s scored by Jerry Goldsmith. Though many years before Planet Of The Apes the same attitude is suggested between piano and orchestra.

Guide For Finding A Composer (pt. 2)


Reject something the potential composer does, see what happens.

  • You want a composer who doesn’t throw a hissy fit if you show your veto power.
  • You want a composer for whom going back to the drawing board is no threat.
  • You want a composer who is confident about the variety of choices they can provide.

There is a scene in 7 Samurai where Takashi Shimura demonstrates how to determine real Samurai from fake. He has the young disciple, Isao Kimura, hide behind the entrance of a building, then Shimura invites potential Samurai to enter. He instructs Isao to ambush the Samurai by striking them unconscious with a heavy stick as soon as they enter. The first potential Samurai, Yoshio Inaba, approaches the door suddenly stops and refuses to enter. He knows something is wrong even though he cannot see Isao hiding. Takashi starts to laugh and reassures Yoshio it is ok to enter, just testing. He tells Isao to put down the stick.

Yoshio Inaba is basically what you want in a composer.