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About Sam Larkin: quantity


“Did you write anything last week?”

“Ya, I wrote 2 songs maybe 3.”

“Wow, amazing.”

“I didn’t write 3 amazing songs …but 3 songs, ya.”


“Let you in on a real secret Bob, it’s about quantity not quality.”

“Quantity not quality.”

“That’s correct. Quantity not quality.”


“Maybe something good is in there but, chiefly put, the task is to keeping it flowing.  Maybe some of this is great stuff maybe some of it is just nuts but you gotta write all the time.”

“I get it.”

“Quantity not quality. That’s the name of the game. (looks both ways then adds confidentially) If you’re thinking about quoting me I suggest you start right there. There will be a test next week so make sure you study all this crap Bob.”

Okay Sam, thanks. Next week.”



What Lao Tsu Told Sam Sniderman

There is this beautiful thing about arranging. You listen to it 10 million times and make changes over and over until it feels like there is nothing left to do. You take seriously any change or doubt that might materialize.

If later it sounds like there is too much bass or not enough piano, do it again with less bass and more piano. Whatever you realize, you address….over and over.

It couldn’t be easier than today when people have access to what in yesteryear was maybe $40,000 of equipment replicated in $200 software plus you can record in your bedroom or in a taxi or in a stairwell. There is no excuse to not indulge every whim and since everyone now has the tools it’s totally about talent whereas previously it was more than 50% about privilege.


The Sheltered Youth


There is a certain laugh people laugh when have a realization which will alter everything they previously thought. Like when Charlton Heston sees the Statue of Liberty while riding away from some very corrupt monkeys or when Harper heard that the leader of the opposition did not have long to live. The laugh belongs to the person who now knows something about what’s going on or what’s going to go on.

It was only last year I considered that the Paul McCartney song “Why don’t we do it in the road?” might be about screwing. Since I started listening to it when I was a little boy I just thought it was a philosophical statement as in we could do anything in the middle of the road (which may also be what he wanted to say)….but when I considered last year that it’s just about fucking, I’m ashamed to say I started to laugh like Harper.