November 2013

About Sam Larkin: quantity

“Did you write anything last week?” “Ya, I wrote 2 songs maybe 3.” “Wow, amazing.” “I didn’t write 3 amazing songs …but 3 songs, ya.” “Still….” “Let you in on […]

The Sheltered Youth

There is a certain laugh people laugh when have a realization which will alter everything they previously thought. Like when Charlton Heston sees the Statue of Liberty while riding away […]

50 Cent and Vitamin Water?!

Somewhere in America they love me – or at least they did one day last August when a writer for Earbits named Scott Feldman was given the assignment of reviewing […]

The Public Archive

  There is a letter in the public archive which Groucho Marx wrote to Warner Brothers in response to a legal challenge made by Warner Brothers to halt the film […]

Joni Mitchell’s process when she wrote the album Mingus was to hang with Charles Mingus and meditate about it afterward then write. Or at least that’s how I remember her […]