February 2014

Uri Avnery article about 3 Israeli women is brilliant. “As long as we have youngsters like these, ready to stand up for democracy, peace and justice, take risks and make […]

le Freak

(Anna is on the right but interestingly I notice all four musicians are nail polish-less) I need to take change out of my pockets when I play piano. Even paper […]

I got a call in the early 90s from the head of A&R at Warner Music who would later dislike me forever after I wrote a critical article about what […]

Alexander Courage

Watching this interview with the late Alexander Courage (the guy who wrote the Star Trek theme) is inspiring and depressing. Inspiring because of his personality and work, depressing because it […]

Lokchi has perfect pitch. She says anybody can. “You can have perfect pitch Bob” I went over to the piano and played G# at a good distance from her. “G#” […]