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Cheapness And Experimentation

I own an 87 and a 414, I have a couple other all purpose microphones that I use for room sounds or amplifiers but my favourite mic is the PZM because it’s like a toy. I unscrewed them from their metal plates and then experimented with other backing like wood or plexiglass or even weirder ideas like taping them to someone’s head or strapping them to someone’s back or putting them in a plastic bag and submerging it. Awesome times with PZMs.

They only cost $40 each when I bought 4 of them in the 90s before the patent ran out and they became a much more expensive Crown manufactured microphone. Ray Conovskis tipped me off about how to boost their frequency response and then I was off to the races. There are modification pages here. Maybe because they were inexpensive I felt it was easy to screw around with them. Cheapness helps one experiment no?

Geoff Emerick’s book (the engineer on the Beatles recordings) documents the zillions of takes of every Beatles song. I think because they were not charged for studio time, they felt free to experiment to their hearts content. It is unlikely one can make great work if one is at the same time freaked out about how much every thing costs every second.

Latest Uri Avnery Article

Uri Avnery article about 3 Israeli women is brilliant.

“As long as we have youngsters like these, ready to stand up for democracy, peace and justice, take risks and make personal sacrifices, Israel has a future. For me, they are the real Israel.”

Composer Achinoam Nini

and her refusal to accept an award that included honouring another musician who happened to be a fucked up homophobe,

Soldier Anat Kam

who copied classified documents that suggested that the military had defied a court ruling against assassinating wanted militants in the West Bank who could potentially be arrested safely.

Filmmaker Daphni Leef

who started sleeping in a tent when ordinary rent became unaffordable in Tel Aviv. Leading to a demonstration of 400,000 people.

le Freak

(Anna is on the right but interestingly I notice all four musicians are nail polish-less)

I need to take change out of my pockets when I play piano. Even paper money and any other papers are best removed from pockets. Can’t play with rings on my fingers either. It’s distracting. Don’t know how Liberace did it. I try to hide the wedding ring removal from the ladies because they especially notice and give me strange looks. But when I played with violaist Anna Redekop few years ago and as I apologized for my weirdness removing my change and my wedding ring she cut me off and said “I can’t play if I’m wearing nail polish”. That was so great. I have never since felt apologetic knowing now that there are musicians like her. I am totally not a freak.