Monthly Archives: March 2014

Objectivism Block

People sometimes talk about writer’s block as if it was a toothache but it isn’t a physical thing, it’s just a made up handle for not reaching the creative place one wishes. It’s more damage to repeatedly tell yourself you are not there than to simply keep trying and don’t judge so much until you get there.

If you are at a loss for writing, first, if I can be so mean – don’t believe it exists. Telling yourself over and over you have this condition….you will at the very least confirm to yourself you are someone who can’t write.

Of course there are actual people who do not have the capacity to be creative i.e. Rona Ambrose, Tony Clement, Stephen Harper but that is just a side effect common to these strange folk who find Atlas Shrugged erotic.




Piano As Reform Party

The piano is a mirror from G# and D. If you try to play it like that, note for note simultaneously left hand right hand, forwards backwards, harmony is trampelled very well like the way democracy is trampelled by Stephen Harper.

Substitute the familiar 1-5-1 or 2-5-1 for the sound of soft fascist dogma and federal unfairness which you can’t quite follow except you sense there is a pattern at work and then you’ll be close to getting it.

It’s amusing to experiment but if the experiment becomes the norm it soon becomes what is known in certain places as noisemaking.