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Moves and Movies

hotdocs Sometimes musicians who want to score films ask me how to get in. They need to meet producers and directors and make them aware of the work. During HotDocs those producers and directors hang out at U of T at Victoria College. Go there, hang out, meet people or buy a pass. Have your business card and your music with you.

Too many films at HotDocs I wish I could see besides the the one I scored – Mugshot.

Will try to for Children 404 about LGBT youth in Russia and I Am A Big Bird about the puppeteer still alive in his 80s who is Big Bird on Sesame Street, maybe The Condemned about jail in Russia and Bintou which I didn’t read the synopsis but the trailer intrigued me.

Of course if one enjoys trailers it is easy to lose a couple hours at this website with brilliant work like The Wolf Of Wall Street.



Private Indie Go Go Message, War and (maybe) Tony Clifton




Are you totally out of touch with reality?
Why would I employ you in the capacity to bullshit people about something created from the heart and based on authenticity?
Your suggestion that it will raise credibility by expanding the base of backers reminds me of the delusional logic utilized from Hitler to Bush.
It might help you to follow this link below:
Good luck unlearning the frail and manipulative stance you find normal.
All the best!


1 day ago

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Good luck with your campaign.
All the best!

…but if by small chance you are just a performance artist doing your job, well then bravo Petra.