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The Guy From The Chocolate Bunnies From Hell


In high school people thought I was a heavy musician and I didn’t mind them thinking that since it made me slightly popular but I already knew a heavy musician was someone miles away from myself because I was listening to people who were actually heavy and scary and frightening and they made me feel like I was mortal and they were from another dimension.

And then I met one in the flesh. Clayton Halverson. He was one year older than me. I was jamming with some interesting guys, I can’t quite remember how I met them (Pete and Hugh) but one day they brought over Clayton to play bass and he was the most stunning bass player I ever heard….then they told me his real instrument was guitar.


Next time he played guitar – and he played Birds Of Fire by the Mahavishnu Orchestra. There were no youtube videos in the 70s to teach you how to play these things. This 17 yr old boy figured out Birds Of Fire with his ears. It was like meeting a real live vampire and realizing they actually exist.

Over the years I heard he did some work with the Winnipeg Symphony and he was in The Chocolate Bunnies From Hell.

Here he is as modern hard rock guitar guy doing Ring Of Fire and it’s good even hilarious or great, but I wish there were more videos of him online that might better prove my memory of him as a member of the undead.


Hospice Care


The most amazing part about the reports about still more CBC lay offs and broken programming is the lack of criticism of Harper who is behind it. His plan obvious to anyone with a brain is to see CBC fail because he and his species are threatened by it. So he reduces funding slowly until it chokes and dies. It’s like when the news channels report about incredible weather or further animal extinctions and they don’t include pointing out the legacy of industrial pollution.