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The Sting

taxGot this in my email this morning

> from: Revenue Agency <>

>Dear Taxpayer,
>After the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are >eligible to receive a tax refund of : $521.51
>Regarding this, please complete the Refund Form and mail it to one of the addresses >from the second page.
>> Your *Refund Reference Number is: Ref/12213/2013 <<
>*Refund Amount : 521.51 $.
>To access the form for your tax refund, please Click Here.
>For security reasons, remove the form from your computer after printing.
>Thank you,
>Canada Revenue Agency

Then I wrote my accountant

Hi Barb

is this legit or a scam? Why would Revenue Canada be using an email address?

Then she responded

this is a scam


Maybe suspicious besides it coming from an email account is the fact that if Revenue Canada was emailing me about a refund shouldn’t they already have my SIN #? Maybe this is one of those reasons I was told growing up never to give out my SIN #? Maybe somehow these people would use that info to rule the world.

Well I foiled them.

Forget The CN Tower



Someone visiting Toronto asks me about places of note. I like these and the ghosts of the dead people who were there. After Emma Goldman died at 295 Vaughan Rd. there was a service for her at the Jewish Community Centre which is now a Chinese Restaurant,  346 Spadina.

Glen Gould’s apartment 110 St. Clair Ave Westglen

Marilyn Kecskes was superintendent of 110 St. Clair Ave West. She described how she used to go to the roof of the building after she had finished her work and listen to him play all night long. She said, “He never knew I was up here or he would have been angry with me, but I had the moon and the stars and his music and there was nothing more beautiful



Varsity Stadium 299 Bloor St W though it has changed since the Rock N’ Roll show where John Lennon and Yoko Ono were recorded the record later called Live Peace but it’s still spooky to me when I look down that field I can imagine Little Richard blowing hippie minds or Yoko deconstructing them.









Popular Flaws

“I’m an NDP supporter but I’m so scared of the right wing assholes that I’m going to vote Liberal because they have a better chance of beating the right wing asshole.”

A post of Facebook earlier today went something like that.

Which flaw wins for best tragedy? The flaw that one shouldn’t vote for the person or party they believe in because it probably won’t win? Or the flaw that the Liberals aren’t also a right wing party? Or the flaw that the NDP can’t form a government?