Monthly Archives: July 2014

Still Prefer Chess

I play a game when I watch Youtube. The game is avoid the advertisements.


The first thing is to MUTE THE AUDIO because hearing what the ad says pollutes my consciousness (as they had intended). The second part is to try and keep my eyes only on the timer that indicates when one can skip the remaining ad. The skill is to watch only that timer and not consume any other visual data (as they intended).

Winning the game is to allow the experience to pass without knowing what the subject was.

Music Of The Stars

The mind blowing thing about John Cage was removing the individual as the composer. He took astronomical charts and put transparencies of staff paper over them, then had pianists play them. Actually, it’s kind of boring musically, at least for me – but at the same time it’s totally the smartest thing I ever heard of. It makes you stop and consider listening. Every art form, at a certain level, has this sort of situation for a certain kind of artist to meditate upon.

They say he had a piece similar to the astrological maps where blank staff was drawn over a fish tank and an orchestra played whatever the fish did. Amazing. john_cage_2