August 2014

Message From Bodhisattva

While babysitting went to a yoga store to buy a special back massaging gizmo for my poor sore back and at the front of the store there we saw a […]

Shit Songs

I’m organizing my class at Centennial College on songwriting and was busy organizing examples of great songs when I realized I was making a mistake. It’s way more interesting to […]

Tip Sheets

  I wrote to Todd Sullivan at Geffen in the late 80s because I read he was an A&R guy at Geffen. I wrote to a few people like that but […]

Go Go Boy

  At any given time it seems like a lot of people with “hits” are just actors or models. When Milli Vanilli was “exposed” for actually being lip-sync-artists people went crazy […]

Keep Me Free From Birth

I still can’t believe there was a #1 song once, which I heard on the radio in real time, who’s lyrics were about ending the terrible vicious cycle of reincarnation.

Zed Is Dead Baby

Recently I read about a company that wanted something similar to this song by Aphex Twin and they were paying about $20,000. That’s Mr. Aphex Twin below (obviously at the beach). I tried […]

And Got Myself A Steady Job

Next month I start teaching a course at Centennial College in songwriting and part of what I am organizing is a discussion about lyrics and why somethings are interesting and […]