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Message From Bodhisattva


While babysitting went to a yoga store to buy a special back massaging gizmo for my poor sore back and at the front of the store there we saw a small statue of the Buddah in the lotus position with one arm horizontal and the other vertical with the palm open. My daughter walked up to it and said,

“Watzis Bob?”

“That’s the Buddah.”

“Whattsa Buddah doin’?”

“He’s meditating.”

“Buddah’s  Hi Five.”


Shit Songs

Richard Marx photographed in 1987.  © Bernhard Kuhmstedt / Retna Ltd.I’m organizing my class at Centennial College on songwriting and was busy organizing examples of great songs when I realized I was making a mistake. It’s way more interesting to look at shit songs first and agree upon what’s horrible and why. Any suggestions?