Monthly Archives: September 2014

Grasshopper, not.


I had a meeting once when I was twenty something with a composer named Robert Mundinger and we spoke about scoring films which he did and which I wanted to try. He was animated and nice enough but at some point he smashed his fists on the piano making a large cluster and then asked me to name all the notes. Huh? He said unless you can name all the notes in this cluster you can’t score a film. I was suddenly David Carradine and there was a pebble somewhere to be snatched or was there?

Last year I scored two feature docs (Mugshot and Ghosts In The Machine) and last week I was hired to score Ken Finkleman’s latest film and I have no idea how to name every note in random clusters (though it sounds cool).


Aligning The Anger Chakras



I was in a yoga class in Hamilton in the 1990s. I lived nearby in the country and doing yoga with Phil meant the word to me but at the end of ech class he did this thing that bamboozled me. There are a few other musicians like me who might have had the same bristling response. He would play  sounds of nature while we lay in a corpse position and then some moron probably in california would add beautiful synthesizer to the waves. It was hilarious and impossible to experience sivassana that way.pac

God Finds Cats


Been looking for a logo for my record label called –  God FInds Cats.

Probably start with the release of Sam Larkin’s posthumously completed collection of 12 songs entitled The Secret Songs of Sam Larkin.

A few people suggested ideas or offered sketches including the reverend Aitor, who’s painterly piece makes me think it should be used for GFC headquarters. We’ll see but so far I think Michael Cooper’s creation is in the lead… but it isn’t over.

Hopefully we will release records from Anhai, Maria Kasstan, Mimi Oz and a few Blocks artists and other friends.