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Business 101

First I submitted my work for a job. Then they said yes. Then they told me how much money they could pay. Then they said sorry that’s all there is.                                                                                                     Then I said ok I’ll do it but                                                                                                                          You have to also make me a video for one of my songs Presto we got a deal. Like Sam Larkin often said to me, “It’s about Quantity not Quality Bob”                                                                                                           I guess that’s how it works making a career largely online, the more content the better. coloure-pencil

Home Insurance


One day many years ago a piano teacher showed me something which he said was trick used by Keith Jarrett. Basically the left hand would play any key – let’s say Bb – then the right hand would alternate using that left hand Bb for the 1 or the major 3rd or the 5th hence the right hand would play Bb major or D major or F major. A beautiful nice move.

So cool to listen to him speak accepting this award. I’ve listened to him with deep admiration since I was a teenager but never heard his speaking voice before. What a surprise (and no surprise) that he is reasoned and understandable. Why wouldn’t a genius musician be like that?