Hide My Ass

Earlier in 2015 I noticed if I used the Gmail Telephone the light from my camera would briefly come on. I don’t want someone to have access to looking at […]

The Moment You Wake Up

The hardest thing to do when dealing with an asshole (who you still have to work with) is to be careful about whether or not to let them know. Hard […]

Helping The Old

Some people don’t like Charles Bukowski, I’m not one of them. Helping The Old was standing in line at the bank today when the old fellow in front of me […]


Sometimes I can’t get certain songs out of my head. Sometimes because it’s amazing and deserves to be stuck on loop. Like the arpeggiated guitar part to I Want You […]

I started writing a string quartet in April, now there’s 4 of of them bugging me to complete them and set them free. I haven’t a clue how long they […]

  I went to Winnipeg a couple months ago to help my mother sift through things she wanted to get rid of, accumulated paraphernalia, she wanted to pair down. Among […]

Richard Carstens

I liked Richard Carstens and wanted to know him better because Dave and Fred Robinson, who were the John Coltranes of punk rock (to me) told me how talented his writing […]

Batman In A Thong

I don’t know anything about John Hiat except Ron Sexsmith’s impressions that he shared with me when he  toured with him 20 years ago. Glad I tuned into him today, […]

Peggy Baker's Acceptance Speech

There’s talent and then there’s unreal talent. The dance milieu is a highly complex and unstable world. Within it, each artist must establish and constantly expand and deepen their expertise […]