June 2015

Richard Carstens

I liked Richard Carstens and wanted to know him better because Dave and Fred Robinson, who were the John Coltranes of punk rock (to me) told me how talented his writing […]

Batman In A Thong

I don’t know anything about John Hiat except Ron Sexsmith’s impressions that he shared with me when he  toured with him 20 years ago. Glad I tuned into him today, […]

Peggy Baker's Acceptance Speech

There’s talent and then there’s unreal talent. The dance milieu is a highly complex and unstable world. Within it, each artist must establish and constantly expand and deepen their expertise […]

True To His Own Spirit

Listening to Jim Morrison’s father and sister is surprisingly moving and beautiful. I remember reading he said his father was dead and I assumed his father and him disliked each […]

Game Theory

Recently I had a dream where there was a cougar walking around, on some rocks and into a cave. I sorta knew the cougar and felt comfortable around her. Suddenly […]