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True To His Own Spirit


Listening to Jim Morrison’s father and sister is surprisingly moving and beautiful. I remember reading he said his father was dead and I assumed his father and him disliked each other but now I think he had other reasons for saying that, theatrical rock star reasons useful to his time and place.

I like this bit of Jim Morrison poetry

I can make the earth stop in
its tracks. I made the
blue cars go away.

Rock singer Jim Morrison of the Doors posing in front of red and yellow psychedelic backdrop wearing leather head-to-toe.  This was a LIFE magazine assignment taken at the Second Avenue Theater according to Yale Joel


I’m lucky I had my older brother’s record collections when I was a pipsqueak. I listened to My Wild Love at least 11 million times while my contemporaries in junior high were gushing over Aerosmith or 10cc. ugh.


This is kind of special too. Jim Morrison saying in the future people might make music out of electronics and maybe one person with a lot of machines…



Christie Blatchford Makes It Easy

laura robinson

This lawsuit regarding John Furlong and Laura Robinson might to some people be confusing –  who is telling the truth and who is a liar. But there are two perfect reasons why I believe Laura Robinson.

1/ This Canadaland episode


2/ This sympathetic article by Christie Blatchford. blatch (photo used by permission)

Kind of a no brainer if Christie feels sorry for someone….you know what I mean?

(a short list of who she feels sorry for)

The white guy in Caledonia protesting natives (who were protesting illegal building on their land).

The great cops who didn’t get to keep carding.

The people of Canada who mourned Jack Layton.

and now she feels sorry for John Furlong, poor guy only 45  (that’s 45) first nations people experiencing or witnessing abuse by John Furlong.

Haydn String Quartet Opus 64 #5


I’m studying this and find myself wondering about Haydn’s mind and the way it ebbs and flows. How the 1st violin is set up initially to grab our ear like a rock star but that doesn’t seem to be the intent throughout.

In fact it seems like he gave sensitive attention to utilizing everybody like they are one painting and this leaves me wondering if Haydn’s mind worked like that or if he started with one instrument in particular …or maybe he just kept shifting his attention. I don’t know, don’t know if anyone knows.

So I wrote to a random smattering of classically trained friends on Facebook and asked them what they thought was going on for Haydn.

sarah1 Owen-Pallett-001


FriendlyRich_sep08a Mike-Olsen-e1318962315454


I think he heard the melody first then distributed the harmony among parts

Honestly? I think he wrote the viola line first and turned that into a thing with the cello and then put the violin on top as an afterthought. The accomapaniment on that track is just so strong! The beauty of string quartet writing is that it’s easy to sound it out just with a piano and pen and your brain, much easier than larger ensemble stuff

I wouldn’t necessarily know Hayden’s process but I suspect some of it was written melody down. Melody then harmonizing it with various counterpoint lines. But some of it would be written all at once. True Classical period music is pretty rigid in its form so he wouldn’t stray too far from certain norms of harmony.

That’s the question! Thanks for coming to me even thinking I’ve got the answer. I can tell you that in my own writing, I rarely think it terms of harmonies and counterpuntal lines right off the bat. I usually blend them in after pounding the hell out of a line over and over. Melodies seem to come easily to me and usually make their way into my work over time. As for the greats like Haydn, I’m pretty sure they were not as one dimensional as I.

And during all that I worked at this thing below until I couldn’t take being nice any longer. You can probably tell when that happens…then where should it go?