Monthly Archives: December 2015

Hide My Ass


Earlier in 2015 I noticed if I used the Gmail Telephone the light from my camera would briefly come on. I don’t want someone to have access to looking at me in my underwear online unless I asked them to. So I put a piece of tape across the camera and when I need to use it I take it off.

Similarly I noticed when I click on private browsing (because I like the idea that I’m not recorded) I get prompts informing me that even though my history isn’t tracked on my browser my IP still tracks everywhere I go. I don’t want big brother in my life. Ruins the imaginary freedom I grew up believing I had. I still want that fantasy so I bought Hide My Ass and they ruin the IP tracking.

Feels good.


The Moment You Wake Up

The hardest thing to do when dealing with an asshole (who you still have to work with) is to be careful about whether or not to let them know.

Hard to remember it will probably be better to let days or weeks dilute the need to spill the beans.

Maybe somewhere that is wisdom.