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DoubleSpeak in Real Time (again)



This article hot off the press suggests to the reader that Bernie Sanders should not be so negative to Hillary Clinton.

The writer works for Hillary.


The writer wrote a book smearing Anita Hill‘s sexual harassment claim of Clarence Thomas (the judge who hasn’t raised a question in 10 years). He’s an expert in writing negative shit.


The writer is trying to look sincere and thus make the reader think it’s about Bernie being negative to Hillary when obviously it is the other way around so olld school so like this.

Future Guess

In the future our children or grandchildren (or general public) will look over IP records of all your online browsing and draw whatever conclusions about whatever sites you went to for whatever reasons. I bet all your email will researchable too.board25

I Don’t Want To Brag

….but my 3 year old is endlessly amazed that I can

  • make the water temperature not too hot or too cold.
  • unlock the front door.
  • pick things up with chopsticks.
  • affirm whether her head is through the right opening when she wears  a dress.
  • tell (in an instant) which shoe goes on which foot.

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