April 2016

Always A Fighter

>June Mitchell junemitch90@gmail.com via customeriomail.com  >I just heard Giulietta masina at the oscars crying. Sounding great. >Are you working on any new songs? >I thought you might be interested in SoundBetter. >It’s a site […]

Giving Actors A Bad Name

After all these years, I can’t believe it’s a recorder. The only thing more amazing than that is that these grandpas are able to pull it off. Worst lip-syncing of all time. Not […]

Contact Improvisation

Hillary Clinton explaining to Jews why the Jewish Bernie Sanders isn’t a good Jew. Makes me think of Madelaine Albright explaining to women why they are going to hell if they […]

Don't Hurt Me Sweetie

The 2cnd last time I laughed so hard I needed medical help was when I was 12 at the Odeon Theatre in Winnipeg watching appropriately a farting cowboy scene in […]

Radio Ideas

I have 3 ideas for radio shows on CBC. I thought about submitting all three at once but it was pointed out to me that I might seem a weirdo […]