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Dylan’s 77th Birthday

I was asked to play 3 songs Wednesday May 24th at Hugh’s room – a show of artists each picking 3 Bob Dylan songs to play. Thought I would do Lennie Bruce is Dead, Wedding Song and If Not For You.

Always loved the Lenny Bruce song, rightly or wrongly I thought Dylan might have especially been thinking about Lenny Bruce’s life after making Slow Train Coming and Saved and experiencing a lot of public hostility but who knows.

I haven’t had too much time to rehearse but fortunately my daughter knows the wooden xylophone parts to these songs so it’s all good.

Wedding Song

Lenny Bruce is Dead


Practice Technique

When I was a teenager I played hours on the piano and my father would come home from work and watch tv lying on the couch nearby and turn up the volume – my piano playing drove him nuts. I didn’t mind since we were both realizing our dreams.

Grateful he wasn’t the kind of guy to freak out and stop me from playing. That might have derailed becoming the musician I am.

Truth is I’m never really comfortable practicing unless there’s a loud tv or radio on in the background.