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never thought people would accept it

In the 80s I worked in social services and a charity bought passes to the Jackson Victory tour for the residents of the group home and a couple staff people to chaperone. Nose bleed seats but the idea of being part of a mass of people viewing microscopic performers was pointless and made more insulting by the addition of large monitors. After all this we’re just watching tv? Never thought people would accept that but they do.

In the 90s I noticed more and more records with lyrics calling women bitches or whores which seemed impossible to imagine following the ways women countered language like that when I was growing up in the 70s. I thought any day now these men writing songs like that are going to get shamed and made accountable about their stupidity. Any day now. Any day now. Any… Never thought people would accept that but they do.

In the 2000s I played in a band that played a show in Montreal opening for Manitoba (Dan Snaith). The band had about a dozen people performing drums, bass, keyboards, accordion, cello, violin, saxophone, glockenspiel, vibes and dancers.  The show was packed, shoulder to shoulder maybe 300 people, tickets were about $25. Manitoba was the headlining act and after our set he took the stage with his laptop. He sat down and pressed play. He remained motionless at a chair on stage while the recording played, the capacity audience just watched. Never thought people would accept that but they do.

In the 2010s producers frequently added items to contracts wherein they owned all the music and eliminated the rights of the composer beyond the film they were composing for. So if A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down was written now the composer wouldn’t see anything beyond their writing fee if it became a hit song despite the fact that hit songs result in performing rights societies (like Socan here in Canada) collecting money on behalf of the composer. Now they would collect that money for the film producer. [insert same last line here]

like a talking heads song

Hearing things like radio doesn’t matter and it’s all online, there’s no corruption, it’s a level playing field……
So then why can’t poor slobs just be on iTunes or Spotify without paying an aggregator like Tunecore, CD Baby etc. How very un-internet. How very much like.. it always was.