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spontaneous composition

Not so amazing improvisers start doing tricks or they start making noise for noise sake as if it’s proof they are an improviser. They lead no matter what others are doing, it’s like showing off not listening, which is fair since anything in life is fair.
Improvised music reflects back life itself and the unknown sequence of events that is day to day experience – is it going to rain? is it sunny?
Exciting improvisors know they don’t know except possibilities which in a way are like knowing everything.
The improvisers who show how careful they are listening like birds in the trees singing back and forth with each other are the most enjoyable.
Used to wonder if it was really true when they said Keith Jarrett was spontaneously composing. We had a lot of arguments as teenagers about whether that could be true. One thing that never occurred to us was whether the audience was capable of hearing it.

but the biggest kick i ever got

Maybe it’s about the power of advertising. Never had any reason to sing Crocodile Rock but there it goes…me and Suzie had so much fun…everybody knows the experience of hating a song that’s in their head. Some lift arrogant noses and say that’s proof the song is actually good. True things we like we repeat in our heads but then why do we repeat things we hate?

It’s added to the radio, it’s played in the supermarket, in the elevator – opportunity to take up some of your mental real estate. That’s why – advertising works.

If you win the lottery you could hire whoever is the payola-du-jour thus having radio stations and journalists busy working for you. Tried and true method to being established.  Soon it’s in the heads of the masses like it or not, they’ll talk about how great this new music is – that they “discovered”.

Open Stage pt2. Oz

student: You like not knowing?

teacher: I’m usually wrong about what’s going to happen next and I like that.

student: Why?

teacher: Keep the assumptions in check.

student: Which assumptions?

teacher: When someone takes the stage one gets a sense that they might be this way or that way and many times these assumptions are wrong. That’s the best part of an open stage. No – I take that back – the best part is when I think someone is something I’ve seen a million times before but they turn out to be so original I’m destroyed.

student: I think it’s about entertainment.

teacher: So does Nancy White.

student: Who’s that?

teacher: You would have to be up on my most recent Facebook posts to understand.

student: I’m not on Facebook.

teacher: Obviously.

student: So you don’t think performing is entertainment?

teacher: Entertainment is part of it but the artists I like the most aren’t primarily entertainment.

student: What are they?

teacher: Dangerous.

student: What’s that mean?

teacher: They’re not entertainers. They take the stage and pretty soon we’re not in Kansas anymore.