July 2017

Jonius pt. 2

I saw Joni Mitchell at a Live and Interactive concert at Much Music in the 90s. It was a dream to be so close to someone as important to me […]

The greatest thing about dismissing The Hissing of Summer Lawns and Mingus when I was a teenager is that I get to have them now like brand new Joni Mitchell records and […]

After my first two records people complained to me that the major label didn’t promote it. They told me this like I could/ should do something about it but what? […]

When I first walked into the classroom at Centennial College I noticed students on their computers while I was speaking. I spent time dreaming up these lectures but now they’re […]

Crazy fact I was clueless about before starting music school at York. Our Western system is based upon 12 notes that repeat in higher and lower positions. We call the distance […]

Message  [re:July 26] You know you really really should tell people you are on that song. You only live once. What don’t you do it? Me:  It’s just a little […]

There was a big build up to playing the Loop Cafe in Perugia mostly because the odds were best that the video cable couriered from Toronto had arrived thereby making […]

At D or G# the piano is a mirror. Take D or G# as a first note you can play your hands symmetrically. Meaning if your right thumb plays A […]

Once upon a time I was offered a publishing deal after playing a solo showcase SXSW in the 90s. This first of all means you should try to always play […]

Once in a while I’m in a line up probably in grocery store and a song is playing in the background and I am on it and I I get […]