July 2017

 Couple of my nominations for best stupid songs that were also bona fide hits. .  2 4    h o u r s    f r o m    T […]

My daughter spilled orange juice onto my Macbook last weekend. Who’s fault could it be but mine letting a 5 yr old watch a program on a computer with a […]

All I know is almost every drummer I ever liked in Toronto spent some time studying with Jim Blackley and coming out a better person for it.

20 musical flashes in Toronto each time I pass by.   1/ St. Clair and Yonge, where Glen Gould lived on the north side and the Frans across the street […]

Ten years ago after playing the Ironwood Stage in Calgary, Patrick the owner, was hard to contain after the show and didn’t understand why I didn’t have an agent. (I […]

I worked on a song once with Daniel Lanois and Ron Sexmith, 20 years ago, for the X files. That sounds surreal, it was a little. Lanois did something surprising […]

Sensory deprivation was a thing people used to pay for. Floatation tanks. I signed up. Lying in a salt water tank in absolute darkness. Maybe this would be an exploration […]

I got an A+ when I studied piano at York and I never had good marks in high school. When I got that mark from I remember thinking – oh […]

I was into Brian Eno with my teenage pal Campbell. We were like a secret club listening to Another Green World, Before and After Science, Taking Tiger Mountain By Surprise. […]

I lost my voice more than once when I toured my songs night after night. Tried voice lessons. It was a frustrating new age experience. Told to lie on my […]