July 2017

A plan is hatched when Paolo’s friend Benny, who purchased a vinyl copy of “In Her Dream” and loved last night’s show meets us. The plan – he has an […]

I teach some people via Skype. Closest I’ve yet come to Astral Travel. Feels like I’m the Great Gazoo from the Flintstones materializing into their world for an hour, sitting […]

When the under 2 ft crowd is near me and a piano it’s good times. Their impulse is to smash the keys with fists something I have a little experience […]

While living in Haldimand County some years ago, the Y in Hamilton was the most convenient place for a run, sauna and Yoga. The teacher, Phil, was an inspiring lifelong Martial […]

What Ron Proulx Said

What especially stuck out in my last conversation with Ron Proulx was when he said “this better not end up in your blog”. I knew exactly what he meant but I can […]

I asked my almost 5 yr old if she could imitate 4/4 time by clapping or tapping. She couldn’t do it. Wavered all over the place. I asked her to […]

Touring Italy (pt. 6)   Stefano agreed to leave by 1:30am. He wasn’t ready until 2:30am. It was snowing in the mountains between Genova and Milano. 90 minute drive became […]

In 1999 I started making short films that I could accompany live. I’ve made about 30 but didn’t think of using words like “director” to describe myself until 2005 when […]

There was a lawyer I worked with when I was in my 20s when many people called me Bobby. Hearing someone I didn’t like call me that sounded too intimate. […]

Got a call from a Canadian music magazine some years ago asking me to review a product – a Leslie amplifier simulator. They didn’t pay musicians for these requests.   […]