July 2017

The first show was at a club in Milan called Tournè and I forgot to put away the power supply for my video projector which is a unique cable, too […]

people in concert play a “wrong” not while improvising or soloing, then a couple instant thoughts usually go through the brain. one is to correct the note but then you […]

When I was younger I thought in the studio I needed to control everything myself not that drum sound, yes that bass line, not that vocal harmony, yes flute in […]

Best Problem Ever

I worked on a feature film earlier this year, the adaptation of the Michael Healey play The Drawer Boy. A strange experience because I attended the actual play at Theatre Passe […]

I wake up the first day, which wisely was a planned day to adjust and not perform, I make my way to buy food after Stefano tells me he hasn’t […]

I was feeling sick, lack of sleep, so much cigarette smoke, Stefano scaring me to death with his driving so I thought I would pass on dinner but now the […]

Touring Italy (pt.1)   I am very pleased with my situation now as I sit upstairs from the “video-bar” owned by generous Natalino – my brother.   “Buono sera my […]

too bad 5000 copies

Recent story about a talent scout or radio station reviewing Annie Lennox, didn’t know she was famous and said something encouraging about her future. People were a buzz that they […]

Dancer/ Choreographer Yvonne Ng Peck Wan approached me to compose music for a dance. “What kind of music do you want?” “I don’t know you’re the composer.” If only that […]

the film I am currently scoring came about because an editor at the company worked with me 2 years earlier and recommended me when they wondered out loud who to […]