August 2017

Make room for the fresh, stop imagining the old is ok. I go through the fridge and grab everything that’s dying, wilting as well as some decent pieces and boil […]

One time someone hired me to play for their record. Could I come Saturday and Sunday afternoon? Yes I could. They didn’t offer to pay anything and so I expected […]

From is the knee scab properly healing to paying the cellphone on time to getting the calories from a good source to changing it’s tone of voice when necessary “Hello […]

I know what I’m going to do and I know how to do it including how to be ok with what I don’t know. It’s the fear of looking foolish […]

[re: July 30] Respecting the audience is something one does through humility and you obviously don’t have any of it if you write posts like this. [re: July 31] When […]

At the Calgary Winter Olympics 30 years ago. Protest happening to ban the event by the Lubicon. Realized standing backstage my accidental power by virtue of being with the entertainment, […]

One day as a teen put paper over the piano strings, sounded awesome. Couple seconds later mother freaked demanded it stops, piano will be wrecked. After that if parents went […]

Finally got my last record up on Spotify. The others will follow shortly. It is surprise when I click on “similar artists” I get Devon Cuddy and Greg Keelor. I […]

Listening is a big deal, obvious yet listening to each other is rare. If I start to imitate anyone in the band, in a subtle way, like what the drummer […]

she explained again i couldn’t follow said come direct me she said I don’t play made many choices like biofeedback pleased with the results now what would be fair split […]