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voodoo child (slight return)

The best ringtone I ever used was Voodoo Child (slight return) by Jimi Hendrix because the opening is just random chunky electric guitar out of time sorta and atmospheric – never felt embarrassed if the first 10 seconds interrupts my surroundings, it isn’t intrusive like many ringtones but even if it goes long enough to the entry of the band it never results in strangers sending me irritable looks, just admiration.

13 month old baby

Stevie wonder did something unheard of a few years ago. Made accessible his original tracks for Superstition so people could study it. So glad Doug set me up to check it out.
How many clavinet tracks are on Superstition? (clavinet being the funky electric piano that drives the song) Answer: about 9 tracks just clavinet. Crazy yet perfect.
How many tracks of drums? Answer: kik, snare and overhead (just one overhead mic). Crazy yet perfect.
What strikes me most is that anyone who gets all authoritarian about recording methods insisting this or that is the right way to record, is by virtue of talking like that proving themselves a fool.