August 2017

I attended a Toronto film party and gabbed with people about what their doing and what I’m doing, gave out business cards, mine feature the Warner Brothers logo reversed. Sometimes […]

1987, in the studio with Terry Brown and Juno award winning engineer Mike Jones, Bruce Hornsby’s song That’s The Way It Is comes over the air waves during a break. […]

The mainstream absorbs revolutionary ideas then sells them back as non-threatening. Can you imagine punk rockers in the 70s with fuchsia mohawks and ripped jeans? If you weren’t there it […]

I would love to play a gesture for 10 or 15 minutes at the start of performance and let waves of repetition wash over the ears of everyone. The purpose […]

Many times I was standing on stage and the leader of the band started screaming at a guy in the crew who was underpaid to do the heavy lifting and […]

Freud: Can you teach me how to play Bohemian Rhapsody?   Wiseman: Probably   Freud: How will you do it?   Wiseman: We’ll do small parts then incrementally you’ll know […]

When someone hires me to play on their music, try my best, follow my instincts and check whether they feel it hit the mark. If they’re happy, end of story. […]

And so I delete the flutes but later I think flutes in this other section really work and I bet they might like that. I try the new flute idea. […]

I get a kind of turrets around men in toupees. I never have actually said anything nonetheless there is an urge to ask them if they’re ok or even what […]

Garth Hudson walked over to me while we were rehearsing The Weight for their induction into the Juno Hall of Fame. I was expecting some sort of exchange since we […]