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brain: who’s in charge here?

From is the knee scab properly healing to paying the cellphone on time to getting the calories from a good source to changing it’s tone of voice when necessary “Hello Officer, was I going too fast?”. The brain is mission control biologically driven to monitor how everything is working.
Then walk into a pharmacy for 3 seconds, buy a bar of soap and on background speakers is I Wear My Sunglasses At Night. Forget about wondering why that would still be heard in 2017 – what is the brain up to if it repeats that melody for the next 2 hours no matter where I travel?
It isn’t because the melody is special, 10 zillion other melodies are as special, it’s not the lyrics, it’s not Cory’s voice. It’s all annoying. What does the brain get out of it? Maybe it wants to have a laugh on the part of consciousness that thinks it’s in charge.


[re: July 30] Respecting the audience is something one does through humility and you obviously don’t have any of it if you write posts like this.

[re: July 31] When music critics chime in on your posts do you feel small? They have way many more facts. Shouldn’t you thank them for the extra effort?

[re: July 31] Why are you writing all this great shit?

[re:July 31] Are you writing a book or what?

[re: Aug 1] Oh, man, I am sure digging your musings you post on FB… re the unintelligible lyrics when forgetting words to songs onstage, there’s one guy I sometimes back up who sings in Roma (he calls it that, “I’m singing in Gypsy Roma language”, but I think Roma is the name for the people, and Romani or Romany the language), and also in English… A lot of the songs in English I find hard to hear or I’m not sure he’s singing the correct words, he sort of slurs his words or stretches them out in a melismatic sort of way where it’s really hard to tell what he’s saying in song! I always notice he does this. I guess it’s his “sound” or “style” or something. Anyhow, didn’t want to mention it in a public comment but felt like sharing it a bit… keep on keeping on there, Bob…

[re: aug1] You are a shit writer, no offence.

[re: Aug 2]  I love your list of musical discoveries. I share at least 70% of them but I don’t like saying such things in full view, lest I appear to be sycophantic. I’ve also been enjoying and/or terrified by your musings lately. Keep it up. It’s providing me with therapy.

[re: Aug 7] Are you writing a book?

[re: Aug 8] I want your book.

[Aug 16] I so much like your Facebook postings recently! Are you writing a book? These postings deserve a wider audience. Newspaper column? Post on a active website/blog? Insightful and interesting and you should try to have them read by a wider audience.

[re: Aug 20] People offer physical tips about preparing a piano when you’re only writing about your improvisational inner life. You should write about that.