Monthly Archives: August 2017


Listening is a big deal, obvious yet listening to each other is rare. If I start to imitate anyone in the band, in a subtle way, like what the drummer is doing on the ride, or the rhythm of the bass player – they will start to jerk their heads like dogs trying to pin point the whereabouts of a hiding bird. When they locate who’s doing it (me) they smile because we will have this in common now.
With singers it’s the same but opposite. It’s not playing where they are singing. ¬†Singer’s realize you gave them room to be heard or another way, showing how good you can play during most of their part ruins their space and they hear how you’re listening only to yourself.

5 syllables

she explained again
i couldn’t follow
said come direct me
she said I don’t play
made many choices
like biofeedback
pleased with the results
now what would be fair
split the publishing
she said don’t worry
i still own my film

the day

Yesterday I ate celery eggplant curry. I recommend. I listened to homeless old guy on bench tell me about 7am workers he suspected of up to no good and repaired a broken piano bench leg. I made a smoothie using the $1 bag of strawberries I froze, spotty bananas, mint, peaches, maple syrup & vanilla extract and stood in line at Home Depot to get a refund on my bill statement and wished the in store music, Two Of Us by the Beatles was replaced with Revolution #9. Would anyone notice so busy tapping their sandles, balancing fidget spinners waiting for their turn to complain to someone who is only a cog in a wheel waiting for shift change. It was revealed when I opened my daughter’s bag from summer camp that she ate everything from her lunch. I’m winning. Noticed being in the present and the long gaps between next times noticing. Exported poppier music for gangster doc which the director was curious about after our last meeting. Does what works for me works for him – can’t tell. Just get to him fast so he has time to consider. I chaperoned the girl on training wheels stopping only to squeeze a cedar’s leaves then smell our hands. Didn’t drink the grey water from the Tranzac but finished the vegetable stock into the new hummus. Best hummus ever. Will have to check schedule when the call comes in from Hummus Monthly wanting to do a cover story. Music lesson on Skype with woman in Kelowna who uses Mr. when she talks to me. I like her song about inequality, don’t have the heart to tell her it’s a hit.