September 2017

Working with young musicians, rehearsing covers, my job to be concerned about everyone’s part, to diligently listen to each perspective. Like producing records. Hard to not show any bias when the […]

Our routine when waking up in the morning is that my daughter wants to hear one of two Sesame street vinyls we picked up a year ago in a second […]

Among the people I teach there’s always some who think one or two lessons and they will have it down.   Got storage locker while doing some cleaning up, reorganizing. […]

a certain saught after bluegrass banjo aficionado   often gave interior dialogue advice   said people talk about what they don’t do right   what they wish they had done […]

I saw a big shot at the hall of fame thing from the world of music publishing so I wrote him since we knew each other years earlier. Reintroduced myself […]

Beethoven dedicated his 3rd symphony to Napoleon because Napoleon was associated with the French Revolution which Beethoven believed to be about radical hope, about altering the previous power structures. But […]

Fave moments at last nights Songwriters Hall of Fame.   . Stephan Venne talking about melodies, calling peaks or climaxes the money note, later k.d. Lang demonstrating.   . The […]

I just want to tell you before I play this song that it isn’t finished and I shouldn’t even be playing it. . Please don’t judge me for the lyrics […]

At the end of Silence of The Lambs, after the serial killer is killed after the story is finished there is a final scene, Anthony Hopkins on the run, surprises […]