Monthly Archives: September 2017


Working with young musicians, rehearsing covers, my job to be concerned about everyone’s part, to diligently listen to each perspective. Like producing records.

Hard to not show any bias when the keyboard player becomes obliterated by bass, drums and guitar. Isn’t this my area of expertise? Upstaging others using only what’s on the right of middle C?

She’s playing piano. I try explaining this dilemma of using piano “sounds” in a live rock ensemble and why choosing organ or synthesizers will make her contribution clearer even unique but playing a piano keyboard in a piano style, so easily made puny and voiceless.

She’s sticking to her guns, she knows how to do it this way. If being wallpaper is ok with her then ok, my job is to smile.

Captain Beefstreet

Our routine when waking up in the morning is that my daughter wants to hear one of two Sesame street vinyls we picked up a year ago in a second hand store. Christmas or Fairy Tales. She doesn’t handle them with care subsequently I don’t either it’s a lost cause and not a good turntable. One channel doesn’t work.
As time passes there are many skips. The girl doesn’t seem to notice or care but for me it’s more and more interesting each day “Christmas merry we wish, wish, wish, wish, wish, wish, and a happy” Looking forward to how cacophonous it grows and whether she will ever be disappointed or just enjoy the journey to Captain Beefstreet.

no wine before it’s time

Among the people I teach there’s always some who think one or two lessons and they will have it down.
Got storage locker while doing some cleaning up, reorganizing. Thought we might use it for 2 or 3 months, just got rid of it the other day, 4 years later.