September 2017

Every time I hear the two notes of certain Samsung texts I hear Bemsha Swing by Thelonious Monk. Every time I hear my the opening tone of my iPhone I […]

Often financial obstacles to touring at the level most of us work at. Often few free things promoters include, a place to stay, dinner, guarantee vs. percentage, rider. Often you […]

I was in Winnipeg a few years ago touring a play called Actionable about lawsuits and songwriting. Neil Young was going to play the next night. I figured out which […]

There’s song plugging. Trying to market songs directly. Song pluggers. People hired claiming to get your song heard by the Taylor Swifts’ of the world. Some call it payola but […]

Another way to get over performance fear is go to comedy, especially comedy open mics. They have no song to hide behind and no instrument. It’s about whether they know […]

When I asked the guy in the long rush hour line about whether the express bus would arrive soon it was clear he couldn’t speak much English. He’s visiting from […]

Sometimes students describe a state of almost getting it and frustration surrounding them as though there’s a missing piece of information hindering their accomplishment. But what’s not as simple to […]

You keep track of press especially flattering press because it’s like currency and gets traded into more work. I’ve had a leg up with quotable responses about my music occasionally from the […]

In light of Walter’s death, some songs that reel me in with just the first 3 seconds:   1/ reeling in the years (steely dan)   2/ birdland (weather report) […]

If you have a straight job, a way to make a living that isn’t based on the thing you love, it’s better it not be compromised. If you love food […]