Monthly Archives: September 2017

unaligned chakras

The chummy filmmaker asked myself and the sound designer for our opinions on a newly cut 3 minute scene. We saw the same thing missing and it confused the quality of the story telling. We expressed it differently but we were making the same point following the invitation “I really want to know what you guys think of this”.
After we relayed our thoughts, she stopped being friendly, said we weren’t viewing it correctly, parts are missing. Turning to the editor and sounding resentful said something about how he better get that missing part before they show it again. Note to self: Try to psychically know when asked for truthful opinions to not supply any truthful opinions unless they’re flattering.

before they made a sound

Yesterday favourite food combinations at street fair, mango with chilli. Noticed 8 policemen and thought the usual critical thoughts about bullet proof vests. Approached the oldest looking one and asked if they used them when he started. No he said people used to buy their own. Didn’t feel like the right moment to reveal how much cooler I think it is in England without guns on the cops. Helped the young girl down the street, the one who often makes things up, try to find the cat she lost but it wasn’t true. Thought more about the birthday present I will get my partner that won’t be right. Must give up caring about whether it’s right because among all the possibilities there is also one little quiet lonely hiding-in-a-corner possibility that this could be the right present. Made a sandwich based on latest thing I saw online. It was better on Youtube. When I agreed to let my daughter watch Smurfs movie she put on the white shoes with heels, ready for audience participation. Worst musical moment of the film was hearing Tutti Frutti in a candy store (some film executive thought cute), a cover version that debones Little Richard. As irritating¬†as Madonna remaking Swept Away. Waited more than an hour for the opportunity to get my hands covered in grease and get oil spilled on my clothes at Bike Pirates. Totally worth it. Favourite band at the street party was 7 old guys, drums, trumpet, accordion, accordion, accordion and accordion. Before they made a sound they were the best.

guilty feelings

Friend overseas wrote to say she streamed my cd 3 times. According to her I probably earned a dollar in revenue. She is appreciative not stealing music, prefers streaming, wants to convey her pleasure and no guilty feelings and likes knowing I make money. That’s fine, making money is making money but it doesn’t have anything to do with making music. Awkward when people project onto me I am about being a cash register and just as awkward when judged for having made a dumb financial move, choosing to be an artist. Neither opinion has anything to do with the real point of it. Would the world really be pleased if Van Gogh and Bach quit earlier because sales didn’t prove their worth?