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At a TIFF premiere, Q & A with director and I got the last question. I asked what his process was like with the composer.
He answered the composer was a big shot who he didn’t anticipate being able to work with but surprisingly the composer approached him. They tried some cues blah blah blah basically he said it was fantastic to watch the composer develop the score. No fights. No dilemmas. Didn’t have anything to say that was critical.
Then everyone claps, says goodnight, as I made my way out, taking the long way, I noticed by the elevators the director was still talking to fans and so I approached and reminded him I was the last question and had one more question – was it really so easy for them to work together? He said no it wasn’t but I’m not going to say that out loud in a Q & A.
What’s the point of the Q&A? It doesn’t mean you have to insult someone if you had disagreements, it’s just a way for us to gain insight. So that was the insight, that he’s chicken.

kindness of strangers

Access to a car or van and affording gas, insurance, upkeep are regular economic hurdles of touring.
I don’t recall how I obtained the emails for the Ghost Bees but somehow I did and that they lived in Halifax. It was around 2002 and I had 9 Nova Scotia dates and asked if they had a vehicle they would consider renting to me. When they got back to me they lent me their van for free and they hardly knew me. I want to believe I am from the same planet as them, barely anyone is yet in music I have met a few always leaving me stunned.
They are more than a duo now and called Tasseomancy. They tour Europe. Does anyone give them vehicles to use for free? Hope so. I would produce or play on anything free for them anytime.

Every time

Every time I hear the two notes of certain Samsung texts I hear Bemsha Swing by Thelonious Monk.

Every time I hear my the opening tone of my iPhone I hear Care of Cell 44 by The Zombies.

Every time i hear a perfect 4th I hear  Here Comes The Bride.

Every time the Toronto subway plays 3 notes designating the next station I hear the theme song from Jesus Christ Superstar.